Team Program Development


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Let me and my team help you to train, restructure, or create an award winning dance team for your college, high school, elementary or recreation dance team program.

Team Makeover to Takeover Package


  • Private Coaching Consultation

  • Team Program Upgrade

  • Team Assessment

  • Customized Team Training Service

  • Dance Training Boot Camp

  • Choreography Polish and Redirect

  • Choreography Services

  • Style and Beauty Upgrade

  • Custom Team Building Techniques

  • On-Call Guidance and Support

Team Performance Package


  • Private Coaching Consultation

  • Team Assessment

  • Choreography Polish and Redirect

Team Training



  • Private Coaching Consultation

  • Team Assessment

  • Basic Team Training Service

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K-6 Technique and Training Package

Do you struggle with managing a classroom of varying age groups, genders, or skill sets? Or students who aren’t engaged?  Are you struggling to find a curriculum that produces results for your end of the year concert or dance program?  Or maybe you feel like you need a different method or approach to engage your K-6 classroom of students.  With over 9 years of experience as a certified full-time K-6 dance teacher in New York and Houston public schools, I can help you develop a training techniques that are specific to your needs and based on your current K-6 dance departments structure and vision.


  • Confidential Consultation

  • Best Daily Practices

  • Age and Skill Level Warm Up

  • Training Methods (Up to four disciplines)

  • Group Learning Projects

  • Age Appropriate Dance History Curriculum

  • Independent Projects

  • Age and Skill Appropriate Choreography

  • Production/Recitals/Concert Tips

Technique & Training



K-12 After-School Dance Technique and Training Package

Need help building or rebuilding an extra-curricular dance ensemble or dance team that stands out in your school district?  Let me and my team help you to structure your current dance team’s after school dance program.


  • Confidential Consultation

  • Customized Program Structure

  • Weekly Schedule

  • Diverse and Customized Training and Conditioning

  • Developing Award-Winning Choreography

  • Production and Performance Tools

  • Auditions/Try Outs

  • Choreography Services (Additional Option)

Studio Technique and Training Package

(These Custom Training packages are for educators and studio owners only and are designed to fit your current students’ skill set) 


  • Combo Class lesson tips for the Minis

  • Beg level Ballet Lessons (Ages 7-14)

  • Int. Level Ballet Lessons (Ages 10-17)

  • Beg level Jazz Lessons (Ages 7 and up)

  • Int. Level Jazz Lessons (Ages 7 and up)  

  • Beg-Adv. Level Stretch and Conditioning Lessons (Ages 4 and up)

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